Montessori Quotes App

Montessori Quotes App in use

Simple quote app I made for my mom, who is a Montessori teacher. I modified it from simply giving random quotes from an API to allowing you to search for quotes by topic or source.

The original project simply displayed a random quote from an API. Since I wanted to create something that would be useful for when my mom was in need of quotes, I needed to find a source of Montessori quotes, as well as ways to search for quotes for specific purposes.


  • I couldn't find any API that provided quotes by Maria Montessori, so I needed to create my own 'bank' of quotes for the app to pull from.
  • I wanted to be able to use a select to search for quotes with specific traits, but I had never really used that element before. I needed to research how selects worked in order to know how 'value' worked.
  • Not only did I want to search by topic/source, but I also didn't want to have to hard code the options in the select. It took me some time and trial and error, but eventually I figured out how to populate the select options using data from my quotes array.


It may have taken some time, but I was very happy that I was able to write all the features and functionality I wanted this project to have. While I used the project from the course as the base for this, a Montessori quote app is something that I wanted to make for awhile. I was the first thing I made that filled a real need, and my mom still uses it. Nothing beats making something that is useful and helpful.