JavaScript To-Do App

JavaScript To-Do App in use

This is a simple task tracker made using JavaScript. The first project I continued to develop by adding my own styles, features, and functionality. Saves tasks to local storage.

Montessori Quotes App

Montessori Quotes App in use

Simple quote app I made for my mom, who is a Montessori teacher. I modified it from simply giving random quotes from an API to allowing you to search for quotes by topic or source.

D20 Roller

D20 Roller in use

In an online class, the project was to make a dice roller in React. Being the fan of DnD that I am, I had to make it a d20 and add in the DM's response to the roll. It's been used for playing DnD in a pinch.

React To-Do App

React To-Do App in use

The newer and more complex version of my first task tracker. Made in React with hooks and a context, it has all of the features of the JS one, but with the addition of some new features.

Academic Tracker

Academic Tracker in use

I made this for my little sister, who is in high school. She needed to keep track of completed assignments for each class as simply as possible, but also wanted some fun features.